Reading the Archive – Cara Rixon

The Faceless Ones “The Faceless Ones” is a series of images about the loss of facial detail in archival images. While this is often due to movement, there are many instances I found where the rest of the body and image is sharp, but the individual has no face, and I have found that it […]

Task 2 – Archives – Nella Fullard

After heading to the State Library and reading the text “Residency” by Anthony Luvera it became clear to me how significant the online archival photographs are in terms of representation and how images that are ‘missed’ or excluded allows gaps to appear, leaving the interpretation of history to be rather subjective. How are we to […]


The workshop at the State Library of Victoria with Susan Long had me thinking about the role of photography and archives in documenting history. Especially as photography has changed over time, moving with the post-modern critic away from notions of the camera as an objective truth telling machine. While archives such as Anthony Luvera’s images […]

Task 2 – Archives

Meat market The idea for Meat Market evolved through simply exploring the State Library of Victoria’s archival Photography collection online. I did not begin this task with this project in mind, I started with a very broad search of ‘plants’, and by taking the time to sort through photographs, I allowed them to trigger and take […]

Task 2 – Archives – Liam Folie

The presentation at the State Library gave me a greater appreciation in the value of archives. Susan Long’s discussion on the history of photography and how its purpose has evolved since its creation, made me realise that these images act as a gateway to our past. We are able to learn about society on an […]

POST 2 – Archives – Molly Burmeister

Upon our workshop at the state library of Victoria I became interested in the work of Patrick pound who using archives created interesting art pieces which incorporated the use of archives. I love the way in which he uses photos with similar tones and themes to creative interesting and unique collections of archives. After looking […]

Archive Task – Eloise Coomber

The changing attitudes and cultural progress of a community can be seen in its public displays of opinion and organisation of events, exemplified through flyers and post ups. I began this task by originally looking for constrast in the scenery of Smith St from the early 1900’s to now, and did this by searching “street” […]

Archives post 2 – Luke Whitestar-McColl

After the visit to the State Library of Victoria and the prompt to search the archive for something of interest. My mind immediately went to the reading, ‘Residency’ by Anthony Luvera, this reading prompted me to search the keyword (homeless) into the online archive. I was interested to see how or even if the homeless […]