POST 2 – Archives – Molly Burmeister

Upon our workshop at the state library of Victoria I became interested in the work of Patrick pound who using archives created interesting art pieces which incorporated the use of archives. I love the way in which he uses photos with similar tones and themes to creative interesting and unique collections of archives.

After looking at his work I aimed to collect a series of fascinating images which i felt where cohesive; just as Pound’s work was cohesive in nature also. I began my research broadly starting with Collingwood as my key word and then narrowing it down to only photographs. I found the sub headings of “poor” and “slums”; the word slum is not something i have heard people use to describe Collingwood so alas i wanted to explore the images categorised under “slums”.

Once looking at these images i was able to make a comparison to how Collingwood is now, a heavily developed area where thanks to its close location to the city has become very popular and an area which costs a lot to rent in. Often we associate the word slums with third world countries so I am curious as to how many people would be both confronted and confused that this word was used to describe a suburb in Melbourne.

Overall i thoroughly enjoyed exploring the images found within the archives as i find photographs from the past extremely interested and intriguing to look at; as we are able to make a comparison between the past and now and ponder the cause of these changes and who these changes impacted.

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