One thought on “Luke Whitestar-McColl_Work in Progress

  1. As discussed with the group, the direction of this publication needs to be made concrete through the layout and sequencing. Additionally, it may be time to reshoot existing images to fit the new visual approach (using mixed lighting/external lighting/focus on bringing surfaces alive these techniques). This shift away from a more romantic visual language is working well to give the space the energy that defines its current identity (live music, community, etc).

    There are plenty of interesting images and ideas in this submission, but more time needs to be spent refining the visual language of the publication. As discussed with the group, using flash and other external lighting sources is starting to bring visual coherence to the project and has brought more life to the venue. Finding a way to incorporate the archival material is essential as it shifts the project from a documentation of a space to a story about a pub (which aligns with your project statement). The next few weeks should be spent participating in the process of refinement: developing critical visual coherence, sequencing, identifying gaps, re-shooting, reviewing, re-shooting, re-sequencing, reviewing and finally printing! I appreciate the challenges of working together and complement each group member on their conduct and consideration of these challenges.

    Signs of a Ritual: This is an interesting and risk-taking approach – well done. The next step (in light of the work completed over the Grand Final long weekend) will be to devise a way to sequence the images together to bring a clear conceptual direction to the work (is it possible to combine the archive with the present? If so what is the creative rationale?). It would be good to review this in class with the Zine editors. You might want to look at the way Louis Porter sequences his work (including using archival images), or the way Katrin Koenning makes connections between disparate objects and scenes in her new work Swell:

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