One thought on “Work in Progress – Jake Nemirovsky

  1. Good reflection on the challenges ahead, and the difficulty of finding a direction for the project. This is the intellectual work that will ensure a stronger, more conceptually coherent and communicative product. So I encourage you to continue the group conversations and critical dialogue.

    There are plenty of interesting images and ideas in this submission, but more time needs to be spent refining the visual language of the publication. As discussed with the group, using flash and other external lighting sources is starting to bring visual coherence to the project and has brought more life to the venue. Finding a way to incorporate the archival material is essential as it shifts the project from a documentation of a space to a story about a pub (which aligns with your project statement). The next few weeks should be spent participating in the process of refinement: developing critical visual coherence, sequencing, identifying gaps, re-shooting, reviewing, re-shooting, re-sequencing, reviewing and finally printing! I appreciate the challenges of working together and complement each group member on their conduct and consideration of these challenges.

    Signs of a Ritual: This is coming together but requires visual coherence. As discussed, there is scope to create a fictional narrative from the pigeon images – using humor and pathos to draw attention to the extraordinary in the ordinary. It would also be worth reading a little more about pigeons so you can anticipate and understand the behaviours being observed. Additionally, your statement could be refined – specifically why you see merit in the ‘everyday’. Not sure if I have mentioned this article by Paul Graham? He makes a compelling argument for documentary photography:

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