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·      Lecture: Course Intro and introduction to projects

·      Brief Task 1: Spaces of becoming

Read Nato Thompson’s chapter, “Seeing Power in Spaces” from Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the 21st Century.







·     Guest presentation: Dr Mimmie Caludine Ngum Chi Watts

Discussion of Seeing Power: Students to create workstations.

As a group, create a functional shared and personal workspace that encourages productivity and belonging. Post a reading response to this text on the blog, that includes a reflection on the text, and a discussion on the design of the Collingwood space (200-400 words with an image of your workspace and any other relevant inspiration).

Due Sunday 22nd July

· 3 pm OH&S Briefing









·      Lecture/discussion: What is socially engaged art (SEA)? This lecture will introduce some of the concepts and motivations behind SEA: in particular collaboration, co-authorship, and community engagement through relevant examples and theory.

  • Brief Reading 2A: Anthony Luvera (2010) “Residency”, Photographies, 3:2, 225-241
  • Brief Reading 2B: Rodney Carter, “Of Things Said and Unsaid: Power, Archival Silences, and Power in Silence”.





·      State Library of Victoria presentation and workshop: with Susan Long.

Please note, this session will run at the State Library of Victoria. Students to bring laptops.

Task 2: Building on the workshop at the State Library of Victoria, find 1-10 archival images relevant to Collingwood, and create a small response, referencing one or more of the artists listed in the resources page. Create a 200-400 word written response connecting the reading, the workshop, and the exemplars. Post both on the blog (bring physical objects to class).

Due: Tues 31st July








·         Lecture: Photography and Collaboration: This lecture will introduce a number of approaches to collaboration in photography through examples and relevant theory. 

·      Reading 3: Daniel Palmer, “Relational Portraits” from Photography and Collaboration









Lectorial: Photography Partnerships: This lecture and discussion will review examples of photographers and collectives who partner with non-profit organisations or communities.





Task 3: The Pitch

Each group is required to pitch three ideas to their studio lecturer and peers for review.

Each group is required to present three different ideas for collaboration discussing visual precedents, relevant readings, and visual work undertaken so far in the Collingwood community or with your allocated partners/projects.

Short group presentations (review)









Reading: Claire Bishop, Collaboration and its Discontents.



**Assignment 1A Due August 19th

For this Preliminary assessment, conducted at the end of Week 4, your blog should contain a minimum of 3 responses (as set out by your Lecturer) AND response 4 “Project Plan and Preliminary Works” that sets out what it is that you are going to investigate (including relevant theoretical contexts and precedents), how it will be undertaken, preliminary works, and a schedule for completion. A PDF of your “Project Plan and Preliminary Works” must be uploaded to Canvas. Details of all requirements will be discussed in detail in class.









Developing a Research Question





Guest Lecture: Amy Spiers

The African Women Diaspora Mentoring session






**Mid-semester break: 27 August – 2 September**



**Mid-semester break: 27 August – 2 September**



Sinead Kennedy presentation

Independant project/group work.

Dan Rule

Lecture + Mentoring Session.


Other groups to present: signs of a ritual to Kelly.

Guest Lecture: Photography and Ethics
Vida Vodeb. Students to bring their essay questions for review (TASK 6).

Critique: Alan Hill

Assessemnt #2 DUE Sunday Sept 16th


Lecture: Essay Writing

Alumni Presentations:

Bella Capezio

Bri Hammond



Katrin Koenning

Lecture + Mentoring Session (The Social Studio and Collingwood College).

Other groups to present: signs of a ritual to Kelly.

Alumni Presentations:

Alana Holmberg

Sarah Pannell

Madz Rehorek

Assessment 1 (part B)

The Project Check is a meeting with your Studio Lecturer in which your present a draft of your Project Contextualisation (750 words) and work-in-progress to-date (as it has developed from Assessment 2 submitted in week 7). This includes a review of the remaining blog posts.








Essay writing – creating a structure
Signs of a ritual – Design.

Project work.








How to evaluate collaborative work

 Project Work / Production

Preparation for Week 14 presentations.







Preparing outcomes for presentation back to community/industry partners


Preparing outcomes for presentation back to community/industry partners

 14  Student Exhibitions / Outcomes / Public discussions.  Student Exhibitions / Outcomes / Public discussions.