Project Outline – Brittany Quinlan

Last week in class I spoke a little bit about what I wanted to photograph, I just hadn’t figured out the way I was going to do it just yet. I have a rough idea of what I must do to create what I decided to do. My idea is to photograph animals! Which means I must act fast and be as athletic as possible. I want to get them either at their cutest point or their funniest point of the day. To do this it would be a wildlife shoot. I want the animals to look harmless, to convince children that animals in fact are not that scary. (They’re more scared of you than you are of them or laugh not cry). The artist that I really liked the photographs of was Ken Drake, even though they were in a more controlled environment. He as an artist was my inspiration because his photographs do show a funny/Harmless side to animals. At first, I couldn’t find a photographer but I found a website that does exactly what I would like to do but in a less dramatic way, the site was called comedy wildlife photo. It’s a website for the funniest animal shots. Both of these inspirational in their own way. I got inspired by both due to my love of animals but also because of the way that they made the animals look. They are made to look harmless and absolutely hilarious which goes with my idea to make kids be less scared of them or to even convince children that animals aren’t like they appear, most have a warm and fuzzy nature and are really fun to watch and to play around with.

I plan on experimenting with goats, chickens and even your household animals such as dogs and maybe even cats. I would like to experiment with the number one trend of our generation, which will be snapchat filters. I may even keep them as natural as possible by just catching them with crazy faces that they make throughout the day. Which may mean I will have to spend a day on just one animal at a time.

Ken Drake and comedy wildlife


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