Project Outline – Sophie Chambers

During the first semester, I found the artist Lisa McCarty and her work on her grandparents named Florid Interiors. She photographed her grandparents home through polaroids and then dismantled and collapsed the images in order to create an image but not an image because you can’t really make out anything tangible in the final series. This series encouraged me to look at objects and representation rather than the normal portrait, in order to photographs someone’s personality.

I intend to use of photos of my mother and incorporate her photographs into mine, while also exploring the idea of the true portrait. I would like to experiment with different technologies rather than just a camera, such as a scanner and a projector. During the first stage, I plan on using recently developed technologies, such as snapchat filters, on my mothers’ old photos.

I don’t have a clear image of what my final is and at this stage, nothing is set in stone but I plan on experimenting and by the end of the semester have a clearer understanding of ‘portraits’.

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