The mind and consciousness; two things directly connected to reality and unreality.

These elements of perception make up our own individual life experiences and thus intrigue me in my own way, to grasp an understanding for myself.

I have gravitated towards photography and videography quite naturally, after years of drawing and being lost in my own little world. The abundance of art and scientific development around photo/ videography is fascinating to me and at the forefront of our present everyday, social and physical environment. This is why I want to focus on the bridge photography gaps between the realities of dream like imagination, its abstract beauties and the stark absurd reality of everyday existence.



Image result for reuben wu\\ Reuban Wu – Lux Noctis

Image result for alessio albi smoke\\ Alessio Albi – Unknown

Image result for alessio albi car\\ Alessio Albi – Unknown



The colour grading and consistent beauty which these 2 artists create in their work, fascinates me and inspires me to create elements of this level of detail in my project images for Contemporary Landscape, such as the lighting quality and framing of Albi and the surreal, alien beauty and imagination of Wu.


I plan to capture moments with friends and family, that have significance to me in the moment of capture, or upon review of the image. Moments of future nostalgia and wonder or personal exploration.

Landscapes with candid, mysterious beauty, no matter the subject is the current goal of the project.

Preliminary Work


2-9th Sept: Shooting in Yarra Valley

13th Sept: Editing

20th Sept: Fieldtrip start

23rd Sept: Field trip end

Post 23rd Sept: Processing and editing


– J. Lepani