Through David Abram’s ‘Becoming Animal’ first chapter ‘Shadow (Depth Ecology 1)’ I was transported into a different world as Abram’s use of imaginative language allowed for a descriptive visual of the landscape. Abram’s uses a lot of expressive and picturesque to conjure up a scene that almost seems like the reader is there with Abram’s and experiencing everything that he is. I really liked this chapter of ‘Becoming Animal’ since I felt like I was with him through every moment; it allowed me to forget my real surroundings and enter a new world.

“A few drops, at first, on my shoulder and nose, as I hear it begin to pelt the soil of the orchard… The obvious effect triggered by the rain is release – a steady, dramatic release of tension, like held-back tears finally sliding across our cheeks” – Abrams (pp.151-152)

This passage from ‘Thunderstorm’ in the chapter ‘Mood’ really stood out to me. I love reading books and this passage really made me feel like I was reading one. Something about his visual language really touches me and makes me feel like I am living the scene that he is describing. I connected with this passage the most out of all the chapters from ‘Becoming Animal’. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this text.