Blog Post 1 Psychological/Internal State_Donna Venables

I have created these three images to represent visually the theme of ‘Trauma’

The first image I shot was of a moment between two of my housemates, I had walked into the kitchen and when my presence was not cause for the embrace to end I took the opportunity to ask permission to shoot a quick photo of their moment while it was happening.

Not exactly sure why but I felt a sense of sadness while viewing this shot afterward and realised I have had a similar feeling when shooting them before, particularly the girl, whom has experienced significant childhood trauma. 

I incorporated the image I took of the doll in a reverse standing position signifying hiding. The black background represents  ‘darkness’ and a feeling of being lost.

The third image is of our own Connor which was shot in the studio with a special lens of which I can not remember the name. Though we discovered this lens creates various shapes and strips of light, in this case I noticed a hotspot of blown out exposure on his glasses which when examined closely looks to me like one of the lenses has been shattered thus representing ‘trauma’

– Donna Venables

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