Post 3 – Fiction or not! – s9153069

What we are practicing, has an argue to re shoot many of the solo projects and modify as well to assure that art is life along with an essential yearning to experience different types of studio photography; the well planning & executing indicating the genre & developing the process.

Amazing how art platforms are connected in a way or other, It is very positive to come up with ideas; share expectation, the know-how and debate for a better result. The first image of the group work, we decided something similar then a very interesting outcome resulted differently, still it is in the frame of the group acceptance and narrative.  The facial texture at the at this image defines years of experiences, joy and sorrow, it is so much more valuable than getting younger, but in most cases, it is a human need! I found the alleged combination of the B&W along with the old iron & modern shirt is good captive.

The Alien Abduction image perceives the horror-funny outcome, depending on the perspective of the viewer. The third image’s is an emotive one.

Group work – Ageless help

Group Work – Alien Abduction!

Group Work – Road Trauma

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