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Intentions and goals 

I am seeking to create a series to capture a sense of the ordinary and simple living of times past ranging from 1940’s to 1980’s in an interesting and even aesthetically beautiful way. Re-enactment of dinners at nanas at the dinning room tables on a specific stool designated for ‘the grandkids’ 

Incorporating vintage props and/or elements eg, cake with lit candles. 

Other compositions- model watering the garden/pot plant dressed in vintage clothing 

Sitting at singer sewing machine (sewing) 

Ironing with old iron (I will try to source an old ironing board)

Modern day v’s Vintage comparison?

Door is a metaphor for ‘Passage’ from old to new

New element in old setting (mobile phone)

Use of custom framing (digitally)

Minimalist in my approach I think this is the best way to go at this stage as I have many ambitious ideas which may be difficult to pull off, also I really like the minimalist approach which is helpful to bring interest to the hero of a particular concept/image.

I aim to have an open mind to the possibility that the idea may evolve and or grow from the first ideas/concepts. For example I may add some ‘surreal’ opposing elements in order to create visual tension/interest. While aiming to create a visually beautiful body of work.


How you will go about it 

I have created a Pinterest Inspiration board, then I will do a story board to create my own concepts which have been inspired by this. 

Spend some time at nana’s talking with her and planning the location and details of each  shot.

I will use my nana’s home which is of older style and covered in old wallpaper, beautiful big windows that make up the entire front of her house. Her dressing table and items thereon.

I have opportunitiy to source certain props such as vintage clothing/dress, and other props eg old television. I already have access to some of these items such as an old vintage telephone. Singer sewing machine, old kitchen scales and a few other things. I’d like to keep my ideas simple in order to convey a single concept/feeling, aesthetic. 

I would like to take some portraits of one or more of my grandchildren in old style, convert to black and white or sepia tones and play around with adding texture, scratching and tearing the image (either digitally or actually) and recolourising them, creating vivid colours in the images. I will research best practice for making digital images look like film or use film.

Texture is an element I would like to introduce to the images in my series, I have some found textures and would also like to play with some colours and different elements such as different types of paint ie watercolour, acrylic in order to overlay/ blend in some way with my photographs in order to create an old worn feel to my images. Use of elements covering the lens might be interesting to create a natural vignette eg Clear plastic, twigs, flower petals, old paper etc.


Resources – 

Some of Michelle’s Vintage objects, old watering can, old Singer Sewing Machine, Old Iron, Old telephone, old books, old lamps.

Old clothing I already have

A new ‘Vintage’ style dress I have bought. 

Nana’s dresses

mums green throw rug

Op Shop sourced clothing for children/girlOp shopped womens vintage shoes 

Use my grandchildren Dj, Willow, Stella, Charlie, Ethan.

Willows doll/old pram

Hair ribbons

Hair rollers

Someone who does hair!

My backdrops/stand


Photographing locations

My shed

Nanas house/garden

Michelles Garden.


Field of Practice 

Anna Buczec

Maggie Taylor

Are a source of inspiration for me or more specifically some of her older work. I would like to avoid cliche and experiment with concepts I have come up with myself, though I feel this is always inspired to some degree with what I have seen/felt, resonated with. I would rather like to derive any works from my own experiences. I like the idea of shocking an audience or at least creating a space for enquiry and introspection. I love the colours achieved in portraits which have been colourised, I fell in love with these, particularly my nana’s collection. Also swap cards of the late 1970’s is an inspiration.

Pinterest Inspiration Board

Timeline and feasibility 

I aim to use the weekends leading up to week 14 (at least 9 weekends) and other incidental opportunities that may arise.

Make use of my housemates and yoga teacher who have all made themselves available to me for modelling for preliminary shoots while in Melbourne.

I have some of the props which Is helpful as my housemate owns them and I possess two or three old dresses however I have used these before so I need to source some other inexpensive costumes. (I have bought a new vintage dress since writing this)

Window or natural light is my preference for lighting or bouncing light from a white surface and possibly introduce one light to the model to add a focal point while also bringing focus through post-processing. 

I will be taking some photographs in the studio today for another class however I will try to incorporate this into that shoot. 

I may ask my model to post for me as James Franco and Cindy Sherman did in front of high rise buildings at a low perspective while wearing vintage clothing. I think this may fit into this series well.

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