Week 8 Written Response – Zackary Drucker Masterclass

Zackary Drucker’s Masterclass was an intensely personal look at the concept of a queer identity and the gender binary. Her work provides a much-needed perspective in the world of art, which is severely lacking in the voices and experiences of transgender people. Using a satirical and subversive approach, Drucker’s work has a focus on transgender […]

Project Plan and Preliminary Works

What personae form our identity and how do they contribute to our social performance? In this project I want to explore how identities are amalgamations of certain personae and characters that are both part of us, and that we inhabit. I feel that my identity is constructed from certain facets of who I am at […]

Week 6 – Written Response Task

MoMA – Being Adnrzej Steinbach’s work explores how identity is presented and upheld by a person in their appearance and their body language. Steinbach has spoken on his interest in portraiture in being tied to “cultural symbolism, history, social practice and their importance for individuals and the identity formation” (Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie 2017), this […]

Week 3 – Written Response Task

Lyndal Irons – Physie The Centre for Contemporary Photography is a Fitzroy based gallery focused on celebrating and exhibiting photographic based works. Their recent exhibit, Why Take Pictures? is a diverse look at photographic culture as a whole and includes images from the Physie series by Sydney-based photographer Lyndal Irons. Her series is a documentary […]

Week 3 – Visual Response Task

Taking a self-portrait is a highly uncomfortable experience for me. When the shutter clicks and the moment is captured, I feel very out of control, the flash is like an assault of light and not being able to see myself makes me very self-conscious of my appearance and how I am depicted. In public our […]

Week 1 Text Response Task – Lucy Brown

Performance Documentation: I have chosen to feature Marina Abramovic & Ulay as an example of performance documentation. The work they produced together are iconic pieces of performance art and the images captured of their performances allow the work to be transmitted and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. The image below is a still […]

Keyword References – Lucy Brown

Tableau: Van Scoy, S 2010 ‘Exteriors, Interiors, and Positionality: The Photography of Tina Barney’ PhD thesis, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, ProQuest database. Narrative: Walkling, A 2016, ‘Photography, Cinema and The Drama of Representation’ BA (Fine Art) Honours thesis, RMIT University, Melbourne, <http://researchbank.rmit.edu.au/eserv/rmit:161579/Walkling.pdf>. Masquerade: Newton, K & Rolph, C 2003, Masquerade : Women’s contemporary […]