Test Shoot #2

I think the aesthetic  in these photos are more in the direction I want to head in, and I really love that harsh shadow against the dark, industrial background. My only concern is that i feel these photos are quite ‘dancey’ and remind me of what i would expect to see in a dance portfolio. […]

Test Shooting 1

https://youtu.be/FTGQoihbK20   This video was done in my room on a late afternoon. I was trying to capture the progression of the light outside and the wind blowing to show the time changing in the day. I laid in the middle of the bed to show a subject lying in their room and secured from […]

Reading Response 1 – Annabelle Lim

“You tell yourself a lie, and you believe it enough, it becomes true” Advertising is curated by people who exaggerate the truth to resonate and relate to their demographic they are marketing to. This can be through slogans and visual language to invent stories and narratives to capture a ‘familiar feeling’,  that the audience is […]

Reading Response – How Roland Barthes Gave us the TV Recap – Annabelle Lim

  “a collapse of creativity and criticism into one” Roland Barthes studied and critiqued the mass culture of the 50’s, post WWII and essentially the rise of it. The old-school version of tv advertisements, magazines, newspapers and billboards were the pinnacle of consuming media information, which Barthes readily decoded and debunked in his numerous essays, […]