“Striptease” Response – Christina Kyrio


Soliloquy/Monologue response on “Striptease” by Roland Barthes

I imagine the environment of a strip club to be dark, fearsome, selfish.
I imagine nothing but expectations and a strip of all morals.
I don’t really know if what I just said is possible or true,
but I do sense the environment to be demanding.. why demanding?
Everyone knows they are paid to dance, everyone knows.
So I guess people feel honoured and as if they have the right to be-little?
I imagine people complaining if a girl isn’t stripping enough, and calling her a “pu*sy”.
This striptease, this strip place is simply a place to wake up the inner evil.
I don’t enjoy the thought of girls being put on a pedestal to only be spat on if not working hard enough.
If anything, she is a queen, a goddess and more powerful than whats hard in your pants.
Girls bodies are like a river, flowers spreading across a field, even hot like fire to the touch.
If anything, what could you spectators do?
Adore her, do it, but don’t you dare expect any thing else other than what she’s giving..
Because when you go out that door, this is how it originally is; you accepting her as she is..

or.. you’re just a douchebag?
A strip club is a fantasy, but nothing bad you do disappears when you go out that door – into the daylight.
Its so annoying how people think that just because they are doing bad stuff at a bad place, that it doesn’t count.
Every thing you do – goes towards who you are.
Stripping is powerful – powerful for a girls self esteem, powerful because a girl is her own goddess.
Although, it gets less pretty when you introduce a few careless spectators looking for some dominance to pick on a strippers weaknesses.
She is still a woman- giving more than you can.
I remember watching a interview on Cardi B – talking about her experiences in stripping.
She hated when she bumped into men that she knew, that were less smarter, didn’t finish highschool, that didn’t do anything with their lives.
They demanded her to shake her ass faster, demanded her to do all sorts of things.
I hate this – I hate how people feel honoured – just because of the place they’re in.
It is hard to respect women who are stripping themselves naked..
But all I’m saying is that they should be respected for their efforts, and not compared.
If it weren’t for this women, you wouldn’t be getting your hard on.
You’d be in their bedrooms watching it online, wishing you saw it in real life.
You get some, thats it, you get what you get.
Or else, get up their and try to please the girl dancing for you with your dance moves.
Hmm probably would look a little stiff, actually really stiff, no sense of rhythm either?
Hmm strippers should do it to those who point out their weaknesses – to see how down they’d go.
I think thats pretty smart, to really intervene with a mans dominate side- to prove girls are more than just a*s and ti*ties, but actual rhythm, power, magic touch.
You’re just hollow.
But if you adore her, you might just get what you deserve.



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