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Post 7 ~ Annotated Bibliography : Blair Foster
For my essay question I have chosen to look into the community of the African American people. The contemporary representations of the community, and artists that have contributed to the identity of the community. Using my question and introductory p (More)
Annotated Bibliography - Cara Rixon
Bersak, D. (2006). Ethics in Photojournalism: Past, Present, and Future. Masters. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This thesis outlines how the ethical framework of photojournalism came to be, including discussing how a photographer should a (More)
Annotated Bibliography - Sophie Chambers
Research Question - How do power dynamics influence the capacity of documentary photography for social change?   Murray, R. 1990, ‘Documentary photography and social change’, Photoresearcher, issue 1, pp. 24-33. Available from: http://w (More)
Annotated bibliography — LUYOU LI
Joe Rosenthal And the Iwo Jima Marines He Made Famous, Withington, Jack; Graves, Tom Leatherneck; Feb 2014; 97, 2; ProQuest pg. 14  In this article the author had a brief look back on Joe Rosenthal’s career and highlighted his most famous photo-th (More)
Annotated bibliography - Lauren Richardson
“DISCUSS THE WAYS IN WHICH POST PROCESSING EFFECTS THE AUTHENTICITY OF A PHOTOGRAPH, AND HOW THIS ALTERS THE CONCEPT OF PHOTOGRAPHING THE TRUTH.” I am still working on phrasing my question properly, however at this stage i am interested in looki (More)
Annotated Bibliography - Jemma Gauci
Truth in Photography: Perception, Myth and Reality in the Postmodern World This article is based upon the idea of photography becoming less real in post modern times. In which, this text discusses the relationship between  photography and the truth (More)
Annotated Bibliography-W9 Tess Mazzella
REFERENCE 1 'IN THE AMERICAN WEST' RICHARD AVEDON (2005) Richard Avedon's work In The American West is a portraiture series about the characters of the American West in 1979-1984.  "He wants to portray the whole American West as a blighted cult (More)
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Annotated Bibliography - Ellisha Kriesl
Menegazzo, R. (2014), Japanese Contemporary Photography: Re-discovering Female Identity, Women's Studies, p. 1022-1038 This article discusses how Japanese female photographers are viewed by mainstream media, and how such has changed over the last (More)