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Individual Project Plan & Preliminary Works - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
Concept The mind and consciousness; two things directly connected to reality and unreality. These elements of perception make up our own individual life experiences and thus intrigue me in my own way, to grasp an understanding for myself. I have g (More)
Alternative Perspectives - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
The Beholding Eye - Reading Response
It was an interesting exercise to reflect and think of landscapes as such a variety of ideas.  Particularly when some of the views brought forward directly contradict the way that I personally think about and view thing, namely landscape as system or (More)
Reading Response: Of Mother Nature / Australian Landscape Photography
Something that didn't necessarily change my view but was an eye-opener that was particularly present in Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men, is the history of landscape photography and it's part in the commercialisation of parks.   The reason I found t (More)
Reading Response: Mother Nature/ Australian Landscape/ The Beholding Eye - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
Something I found interesting... about Deborah Bright’s ‘Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men’ & Rebecca McCauley’s ‘Australian Landscape Photography: The Colonial Project, The Panorama, Its Undoing’, was the way they spoke of our human connection (More)