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Becoming Animal - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
David Abram's evocative story telling in the chapter 'Depth' from his Becoming Animal book, is an imaginative and surreal view into the serene and wondrous mind set of a keen hiker, lost in the wilderness. But more then that, Abram's use of lingual i (More)
Individual Project Plan & Preliminary Works - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
Concept The mind and consciousness; two things directly connected to reality and unreality. These elements of perception make up our own individual life experiences and thus intrigue me in my own way, to grasp an understanding for myself. I have g (More)
Post 5 - Project Plan - Donna s3787737
Intentions and goals  I am seeking to create a series to capture a sense of the ordinary and simple living of times past ranging from 1940’s to 1980’s in an interesting and even aesthetically beautiful way. Re-enactment of dinners at nanas at the (More)
Blog Post 4 - Fiction and Narrative - S3787737 - Donna V.
For this post I aimed to capture a nostalgia and re-enactment of sorts which is demonstrated by playing dress up and posing two of my grandchildren in portrait style while spending time with their granny (myself), great grandmother and great - great (More)
Post 3 - Fiction or not! - s9153069
What we are practicing, has an argue to re shoot many of the solo projects and modify as well to assure that art is life along with an essential yearning to experience different types of studio photography; the well planning & executing indicatin (More)
Reading Response: The Complete Essays – Ritt Choi s3672580
‘For my purposes, photography is extraordinarily important, because of its specific characteristics. In photography, the deletion of the space that surrounds the framed portion is as important for me as what is represented: it is thanks to this delet (More)
Reading Response: Mother Nature/ Australian Landscape/ The Beholding Eye - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
Something I found interesting... about Deborah Bright’s ‘Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men’ & Rebecca McCauley’s ‘Australian Landscape Photography: The Colonial Project, The Panorama, Its Undoing’, was the way they spoke of our human connection (More)
Blog Post 1 Psychological/Internal State_Donna Venables
I have created these three images to represent visually the theme of ‘Trauma’ The first image I shot was of a moment between two of my housemates, I had walked into the kitchen and when my presence was not cause for the embrace to end I took the o (More)
SEA Reflection - Julia Krivoshev
Hearing personal experiences from 4 different people at SEA gave me insight into the huge variety of pathways you can take to get where you want to be, as well as how that journey could make you realise a different passion, such as Sarah who moved fr (More)
POST 2 - Archives - Molly Burmeister
Upon our workshop at the state library of Victoria I became interested in the work of Patrick pound who using archives created interesting art pieces which incorporated the use of archives. I love the way in which he uses photos with similar tones an (More)
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