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What are your thoughts on the notion of images as a reflection of the world vs representation of the world (a construction)?   In this article, the concept of “representation” has been introduced and explained. It has been defined as the usi (More)
Practices of Looking - Response - Xander Salathe
In its inception, photography was chiefly designed to accurately capture a single moment of tangible reality. Lacking prejudice, it was the ‘perfect’ unbiased witness to scientific objectivity.  Machines have been seen as infinitely more reliable tha (More)
1: Practices of Looking – Nikki Russian
What are your thoughts on the notion of images as a reflection of the world vs representation of the world (a construction)? Cartwright and Sturken put forth the idea of the ‘social constructionist’ approach. It explains that we make meaning of the (More)
Blog Response 1-Practices of Looking – Qiuyi Liu
In this increasingly visual world, how can we best decipher and understanding the many images that we encounter each day?While reading “Practices of Looking”,the authors discuss how we see paintings ,print , pohotographs ,it let me understand ,our li (More)
Practices of Looking - Cara Rixon
Representation is defined in “Practices of Looking” as referring to the use of language and images to create meaning, and is used as a tool for interpretation. Throughout history, there have been debates about representation in images, and whether is (More)
Blog Response 1: Practices of Looking - Alex Strati
In the section on Images and Ideology, the authors state that ideology is a “mundane process in which we all engage”. Can you reflect on how your own ideologies might be played out through the images that you take, either personal images or “professi (More)
Practices of Looking - Sophie Chambers
The world has become a much more visually dependent and photography is a huge part of the increasing demand for visuals. When the authors, Lisa Cartwright and Marita Sturken, suggest that the “practice of looking [has] significant power” in the way t (More)
Practices of Looking - Zoe Leifer
Throughout reading Practices of Looking (by Lisa Cartwright and Marita Sturken), I found myself agreeing extensively with the educated explanation of visual culture, particularly the use of representation through photographs and the implications of i (More)
Practices of looking - Finn McVie
"Practices of looking" explores the idea of looking and seeing. To denote is to see. to observe without looking deeper into the photograph. this is the literal photo. To connote is to look. to use your own experiences and knowledge to inf (More)
Practices of Looking response - Jemma Gauci
While reading “Practices of Looking”, I became extremely curious about the fine line between a photograph being subjective vs objective. Personally, I have always believed in the notion that photography is always subjective. This idea is further disc (More)
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