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Project Outline
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Project Outline - Amrita Sur
Project proposal_Amrita Sur-2lo7u0e (More)
Project Outline - Christina Kyrio
PDF FILE: ProjectOutline_ChristinaKyrio-tjcoha My Image Influences Above for Lighting/colours  (Work by Petra Collins) Outline & Schedule: More)
Project Outline- nush- s3553908
Project Outline- portraiture- anusha r- s3553908-2bypcr1 (More)
A1 - Project Outline   Starry Kong   (More)
Project Outline - Brittany Quinlan
Last week in class I spoke a little bit about what I wanted to photograph, I just hadn’t figured out the way I was going to do it just yet. I have a rough idea of what I must do to create what I decided to do. My idea is to photograph animals! Which (More)
Project outline - Lauren Richardson
Throughout my final folio, i aim to investigate the act of self exploration through the 4 elements - earth, air water and fire. Through my artwork, i often combine naturalistic backdrops with mankind to portray the significant relationship we share w (More)
Project Outline - Sophie Chambers
During the first semester, I found the artist Lisa McCarty and her work on her grandparents named Florid Interiors. She photographed her grandparents home through polaroids and then dismantled and collapsed the images in order to create an image but (More)