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Blog Response 2 - Propaganda and Persuasion
Jussim suggests that individuals receive and process information through the screen of their “personal stakes in a given behavior, or through the cracked mirror of prejudice…and always by emotional responses that require the most subtle manipulation (More)
Propaganda and Persuasion - Xander Salathe
Jussims' Propaganda and Persuasion, helps address the impact photography has in its ability influence a group and/or audience. Broadly, documentary photographers seek to convert information to the public in an accessible forum, this is true, but furt (More)
Week 2 - Propaganda and Persuasion - Sophie Chambers
Propaganda and Persuasion written by Estelle Jussim was produced in the 1980’s, more than 30 years ago. The way photographs are taken and distributed has changed dramatically and to me, some of this text can be view as irrelevant. In saying that, the (More)
Propaganda & Persuasion - Ellisha Kriesl
After reading Jussim’s “Propaganda and Persuasion”, I was curious to see how propaganda fits into present day society. When someone says “propaganda” it's pretty easy to conjure up an image of what it is. War time posters, Uncle Sam telling you he (More)
Propaganda and Persuasion - Cara Rixon
The quote at the beginning of Propaganda and Persuasion, “In reality, to distinguish exactly between propaganda and information is impossible,” (Jacques Ellul), evokes a specific tone in which to read the rest of the essay. It encourages the reader t (More)
Blog Response 2: Propaganda and Persuasion - Alex Strati
Jussim is of the belief and understanding that a single photograph is unable to function as propaganda in modern terms, a single photograph is unable to persuade by itself; however, a single photograph coupled by social and cultural context as well a (More)
In reality, to distinguish exactly between propaganda and information is impossible — Jacques Ellul   At the beginning before I read this article, I could not understand properly about this sentence, as I thought propaganda and informatio (More)
Blog Response 2 : Propaganda and Persuasion – Ray Yeo
A working definition of propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person. Propaganda is so powerful because everyone is susceptible to it. While propaganda has (More)
Propaganda and Persuasion - Jemma Gauci
While I believe that documentary photography has an incredible ability to strongly influence viewers , I also have come to found that a photograph itself cannot always do this alone. Jussim discusses his thoughts on how “single“ documentary photogra (More)
Blog 2 response- Propaganda and persuasion -Maria del mar Gutierrez
Estelle Jussim’s essay ‘Propaganda and Persuasion’ states about how photography or how a photograph can persuade or change people’s view. I agree with this statement, photography is a visual language, and it can send a message to the audience, to exp (More)
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