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Becoming Animal - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
David Abram's evocative story telling in the chapter 'Depth' from his Becoming Animal book, is an imaginative and surreal view into the serene and wondrous mind set of a keen hiker, lost in the wilderness. But more then that, Abram's use of lingual i (More)
Luigi Ghirri's 'The Complete Essays 1973-1991' Reading Response - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
After reading the short essay ‘There Is Nothing Old Under The sun (2)’ in Luigi Ghirri’s ‘The Complete Essays 1973-1991’ I found a connection to what the author was discussing, in not just landscape art but really art as a whole. ‘There’s nothing old (More)
The Beholding Eye - Reading Response
It was an interesting exercise to reflect and think of landscapes as such a variety of ideas.  Particularly when some of the views brought forward directly contradict the way that I personally think about and view thing, namely landscape as system or (More)
Reading Response: Of Mother Nature / Australian Landscape Photography – Ritt Choi s3672580
For a very long time, what landscape photography means to me is simple - it is the  celebration of the natural beauty, as well as memories of the places that we have been to. But this inherent impression of landscape in my mind has been changed since (More)
Reading Response: Mother Nature/ Australian Landscape/ The Beholding Eye - Jasper Lepani (s3769565)
Something I found interesting... about Deborah Bright’s ‘Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men’ & Rebecca McCauley’s ‘Australian Landscape Photography: The Colonial Project, The Panorama, Its Undoing’, was the way they spoke of our human connection (More)
The Social Turn - Claire Bishop
How does the text intersect with visual culture more broadly? Within The Social Turn, Claire Bishop uses relevant social examples to discuss how socially engaged art produces more interaction with an audience’s everyday world. With the high volume o (More)
Reading Response 1:A question of ethics - LUYOU LI - S3517083
With the ubiquity of photography in our daily lives, it is easy to forget how powerful images are; Photographs play a large role in shaping how we view the world. When we take and share photographs, we are shaping how others view the world.In the wor (More)
Seeing Power in Spaces - Sophie Chambers
In the chapter Seeing Power in Spaces, found in Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the Twenty-first Century, Nato Thompson discusses the importance of “transversal sites of becoming” (p.139) in a society that is overrun by capitalism.  My opinion o (More)
Post One - Seeing Power In Spaces - Jack Cannon
Nato Thompson offers an interesting insight and dialogue into how spaces can create, define and change a movement or a way of thinking. A simple piece of architecture, a rule or lack of can drastically change the way we perceive ourselves and our sur (More)
Spaces of Becoming - Cara Rixon
In chapter 6 of his book Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the 21st Century, Nato Thompson focuses on the potential power for transformation and ingenuity in spaces. In the introduction, Thompson presents the concept of socially engaged art, and chan (More)
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