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"Striptease" Response - Christina Kyrio
  Soliloquy/Monologue response on “Striptease” by Roland Barthes I imagine the environment of a strip club to be dark, fearsome, selfish. I imagine nothing but expectations and a strip of all morals. I don't really know if what I just (More)
Practices of Looking - Response - Xander Salathe
In its inception, photography was chiefly designed to accurately capture a single moment of tangible reality. Lacking prejudice, it was the ‘perfect’ unbiased witness to scientific objectivity.  Machines have been seen as infinitely more reliable tha (More)
Reading #1 Response
The reading looks heavily at the relationship between fashion/art and politics. In relation to the questions I have a few thoughts. Aesthetically and politically fashion has lately looked at and explored gender identity, recently focusing heavily (More)
Viviane Sassen Respone
“What emerges most strongly is…the substantive and convincing way in which she renders her own vision and that it acts as an alternative to the dominant and current paradigm for fashion” More)