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P4 – Rana s9153069
Re-enactment of a photo you shared with us. More)
JIAYI-s3442962-The function of the studio
‘The Function of the Studio’ was written by Daniel Buren in 1971. In this essay, Daniel discusses what are the functions of the studio have for the artist and the artwork. The Studio is a place where a work of art originates. The Studio is a pr (More)
Blog Post (1)- Studio Vs Location- Kayla Fracalossi_ s3717702
Summary Points: The Function of Studio The studio acts as a filter which allows the artists to select his work screened from public view, and curators and dealers to select in turn that work to be seen by others From the studio is also the (More)
Second Test Shoot - Sophie Chambers
For my second test shoot, I decided to use the studio and shoot very stereotypical product advertisement shots. At first, I used a standard 24mm to 70mm lens but then decided to try out the 90mm tilt-shift lens. I experimented with the tilt-shift (More)
Archetypes - Christina Kyrio
Farmer Girl - Christina Kyrio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cLW5aMd3nQ[/embed] So what exactly is this "Here Now" campaign? It's a advertisement campaign released by Kenzo for their 2015 Fall/Winter collection, featuring a unique take on what it is to express their clo (More)
Etiko Advertising Campaign Brief
Through the fair-trade brand Etiko I aim to use my style and technique of Photography to promote a youthful and playful idea that the clothing represents, in order to influence the consumer to purchase their products. Using the medium of photography (More)