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Work In Progress
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Work In Progress – Nikki Russian
Work In Progress_s3450556-vdapbr   I’ve moved away from focusing on just one major symptom (the brain fog, cogni (More)
WIP-Amrita Sur
WIP_Amrita Sur-1nqt7wp (More)
Work In Progress - Sophie Chambers
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3 step process (wk9) - Lauren Richardson
My 2nd attempt at a 3 step process revolves around altering the physical print of a photograph taken in studio, and then rendered black and white via photoshop. In the attached images, i have used: stickers paint mirrored tile patterned (More)
WORK IN PROGRESS- nush ramalingam
I can't say my idea has stayed exactly the same since week 4, but it has been through quite a few iterations since then surrounding the idea of the transformative power of clothing and style. I think what I've had to do since back then was figure out (More)
During the break, I started to shoot my final folio. At the beginning, I tried approaching based on the direction that I had assumed already, which was erasing my personal identity. However, after I finished the first-day shooting on studio with the (More)
WIP- Micks series of unfortunate events - Mila Zheliba
First world problems..... We all have those terrible days where nothing goes right. The petrol tank says its empty and you’re running late or the charger to the laptop doesn’t quiet reach. No one has an iPhone 4 charger anymore so your pho (More)
WIP - Françoise
IDENTITY Identity, from a teenage perspective, is the theme of my research. The exemplar visual artists, Cindy Sherman, Tracey Moffatt and Francesca Woodman have all explored identity, to greater or lesser degrees, in their artistic careers, and h (More)
WIP - Zalina Rosli