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Preliminary Works - Week 6 - Donna Venables s3787737
Response 6 - Preliminary Works - Ryley Clarke; s3635888
A few different trials for work in progress. So far I've completed one photoshoot with my sister. My goal was to work through a few different ideas from my first blog post using John Szarkowski concept of mirrors and windows, to reflect and portray t (More)
Project Work In Progress - Collingwood College - Matt, Rodney & Zoe
Work in Progress - Cara Rixon
Rixon_C_WIP-ts5lyc (More)
Work in Progress 1 - Christina Kyrio
WIP_CHRISTINAKYRIO-wy82k6 <3 <3 <3 <3   If youre interested in listening to each CD mentioned in the WIP, Link (More)
Work In Progress
Work In progress (More)
Work In Progress - Sophie Chambers
Work In Progress-1knyzwc (More)
W.I.P 2 - Christina Kyrio
Thoughts and Work in Progress 2 (More)
WORK IN PROGRESS- nush ramalingam
I can't say my idea has stayed exactly the same since week 4, but it has been through quite a few iterations since then surrounding the idea of the transformative power of clothing and style. I think what I've had to do since back then was figure out (More)
Work in progress 2 - Lauren Richardson
So.. i've had a change of idea 4 weeks till this thing is due, ahh! Anyway, my (new) idea revolves around the concept of which we place layers between ourselves and contemporary society in order to fit into the category of being the 'idea person', (More)
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